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Criminal Defense Attorney in San Bruno, California

If you find yourself in financial and emotional hardship—whether you've been evicted, accused of a DUI, or other legal matter—you know how overwhelming your life can suddenly feel. When so much is on the line, it's important to seek compassionate guidance. We provide skilled, empathetic counsel to help you pursue justice, peace of mind, and a brighter future. If you are in San Bruno or anywhere else in the Bay Area, contact us at Law Office of David Butler, Jr. to get started solving problems, finding solutions, and moving forward.

Skilled Legal Guidance

David Butler, Jr.

Attorney at Law

After earning his J.D. from San Francisco Law School, David started Law Office of David Butler, Jr. Over the course of more than three decades, he has helped countless individuals and businesses in the Bay Area by providing them with knowledgeable, attentive legal counsel. His depth of experience in bankruptcy, landlord-tenant law, and criminal justice allows him to fight for clients and their futures with confidence. More importantly, David treats every single client with the care, concern, and compassion needed to help them through some of the toughest times in their lives. For Attorney Butler, solving problems is personal.


What to Expect from Dedicated Counsel

Personal Attention

When you come to Law Office of David Butler, Jr. with your issue, we won't be handing you off to a paralegal or legal assistant. Your case will receive personal attention from our head attorney every step of the way. Our practice is built on strong attorney-client relationships because that's exactly what you deserve.

Empathy & Understanding

We know how frustrating life can suddenly become. Let us bear some of the burden. We'll listen to your story, craft a strategy suited to your unique goals, and take charge to help you move forward from this. Your problem is our problem until it is solved.

Depth of Experience

Our attorney has more than 30 years of experience in a wide variety of practice areas. He has developed the tools to put you in a position to seek a favorable outcome and a brighter future. Whether you've been evicted or accused of a crime, trust in real advocacy to help you find real solutions.

Financial Freedom: Facing Tomorrow With Confidence

Life sometimes throws you curveballs. These surprises range from minor inconveniences to events with devastating consequences. From a car ride resulting in a DUI accusation to unanticipated financial hardships, sudden setbacks shouldn't threaten your entire future. When life gets in the way of your very best plans, relief is available. At Law Office of David Butler, Jr., you can start the process right away to seek a brighter tomorrow.

If you are facing a financial crisis in San Bruno, filing for bankruptcy can sound overwhelming. Having our skilled bankruptcy attorney by your side to give insight and direction can help you understand your options and allow you to make an informed decision. Since 1989, we have guided clients through both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and can work with you to explain which options are available to you.

Facing eviction or a landlord-tenant dispute in San Francisco? Allow us to walk you through the legal process as we seek solutions with your unique situation in mind. In fact, we will take charge, bearing the burden of your legal problems so that you can focus on your life and your future. An eviction carries significant repercussions: that's why our eviction lawyer will work to solve your issue as quickly as possible.

For more than 30 years, Law Office of David Butler, Jr. has served individuals in San Bruno, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, California, with quality guidance and compassionate advocacy. When you need someone in your corner, we'll be there. If you live anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, schedule a free 20-minute consultation to get started pursuing the emotional and financial freedom you deserve.